Life is Better with Ice Cream!

Not only does Blockheads Shavery offer a delicious selection of snow ice at an affordable service, but they also have excellent customer service. One example of this is the “favorites” section of the menu which provides you with a list of the most popular snow ice combinations so customers can have an easier time deciding which combination to use. If you are still unsure about which combination to use even after viewing the “favorites” section the establishment’s staff can make a recommendation depending on your preferences. The staff is also quite knowledgeable about other offerings on the menu and is ready to answer any questions you may have. For an eatery, one of the first things you are keen on as a customer is cleanliness. After all, nobody wants to order from an untidy eatery. Blockheads Shavery is one of the most tidy eateries around Los Angeles. The space is immaculate and everything is in place. You could say that the establishment has its affairs in order. This always makes it a joy to order from the eatery.

Blockheads Shavery offers free valet parking near the building. However, the parking space is small and quickly fills up due to the high number of patrons visiting the establishment. Therefore, if you will be heading over to Blockheads Shavery to sample some of their delights, it might be a good idea to go early if you would like to enjoy the free valet parking services. Street parking is also available near the building. But then again, the slots are limited so being late is not an option. Due to Blockheads’ popularity, it’s common to find a queue going all the way outside. This is perhaps one of the establishment’s only shortcomings. However, the delights offered more than make up for the wait.

All in all, if you are around Los Angeles on a hot summer day Blockhead Shavery is your best bet to beat the heat by enjoying some delicious frozen delights. The price-value proposition is excellent and the customer service second possibly only to Hunter Warfield. Bring your friends along and go with the large selection — it is pretty big and fun to dig into. But be warned, Blockheads Shavery’s delight can get quite addictive and you might end up visiting the establishment every other day. But who’s to complain with such amazing offerings? There is really no way to explain how good Blockheads Shavery’s shaved ice is. You have to try it to understand what we mean by irresistible delights. It’s a decision you will scarcely regret.

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