Cool down at Blockheads Shavery in LA

When you hear from many sources that Blockheads Shavery in LA serves snow shaved ice is an irresistible delight just as good or perhaps even better than your favorite spot, you know that’s a place you have to visit. There are many forms of shaved ice cream –topped high and piled with condensed milk a la Guppy House and fresh fruit, flavored with syrup rainbows and scooped into a cone, and a dessert which patrons vehemently reiterate is spelled without the letter “d” –Hawaiian inspired shave ice. But few compare to Blockheads Shavery.

Blockheads Shavery joined the Sawtelle/Little Osaka scene in 2011 and in its wake came a frozen delight dubbed “snow cream”. Integrating the character of fluffy shave ice and creamy ice cream, Blockhead’s shaved cream is made from giant ice blocks with at least 5 distinct flavors anytime you walk into the establishment. To make the snow cream, a massive block of flavor is created, that block is then shaved until it achieves a similar consistency with the ice cream. However, it is relatively light and airy and has a distinctive texture to ice cream. The flavors include black sesame, strawberry, green tea, original/plain, and one or two seasonal flavors that vary from peach to cappuccino to cantaloupe. Blockhead Shavery’s mascots are these cute but random square blockhead owls.

The extensive menu offerings at Blockhead Shavery may seem a little daunting, but you don’t have to worry about this as you will have enough time to decide before you are served. The establishment is a famous hangout joint for UCLA students, who on most Friday nights, flock to the Sawtelle neighborhood for Blockhead’s delicious dessert. Take advantage of your time waiting in line to explore the beautiful penguin paraphernalia on the wall, as well as the Andy Warhol-inspired art and the soft plushie.

One of the unexpected things at Blockheads Shavery is the prices. Generally, when you walk into Blockheads Shavery you expect the prices to be on the higher side. This is because of two reasons. First, most of the items being sold in the same neighborhood seem a little bit overpriced. Second, an establishment with the stature and popularity of Blockheads Shavery must surely be accompanied with premium quality products, which in most cases are of a higher price than ordinary quality products. However, this is not the case with Blockheads Shavery. The establishment offers premium quality products but at a reasonable price. For example, you would be surprised to find out that Blockheads Shavery’s snow ice is one of the cheapest and most delicious you’ve ever eaten. It comes in different sizes. The small size goes for $3.75 while the large one goes for $5.25.

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